How we do / FAQ

    1. Who should use Voila Reservations?

    2. Why you should use Voila reservations?

    3. How far in advance can I reserve my table?

    4. What's includes my table reservation?

    5. How VOILA RESERVATIONS confirm your table reservation?

    6. How VOILA RESERVATIONS confirms your additional service reservation?

    7. How far in advance can i reserve my additional services?

    8. What are the additional services payment options?

    9. I have a reservation do I need to pay the entrance fee?

    10. Can I set up my Guest list?

    11. How VOILA RESERVATIONS process you table reservation payment?

    12. At what time should I arrive at the Venue?

    13. What are the conditions for cancelling my table?

    14. What are the additional services (includes Talent Crowd) cancellations or no-show conditions?

    15. How much does my Table cost?

    16. How much do the Models & Dancers crowd cost?

    17. Can I reserve a table with a number of guests over the number of seats available at the table?


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Customer service phone: +33614034391